Monitoring the Future Study (MTF)

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Monitoring the Future Study (MTF)

In 1996, MTF began to collect data on MDMA use among students. Rates of use remained relatively stable from 1996 to 1999 for students in the 8th grade, while usage among 10th- and 12th-graders has increased.

The number of 12th-graders that had used MDMA in their lifetime increased from 5.8 percent in 1998 to 8.0 percent in 1999. Use in the past year also increased from 3.6 percent in 1998 to 5.6 percent in 1999. In addition, 12th-graders use of MDMA in the past month also increased from 1.5 percent in 1998 to 2.5 percent in 1999.

On the other hand, the largest change for 10th-graders occurred in past year use, which increased from 3.3 percent in 1998 to 4.4 percent in 1999.



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