I need treatment for addiction. What should I do?

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I need treatment for addiction. What should I do?

Start with your family doctor, and tell him/her the truth about your situation. Get a physical exam to rule out any physical problems caused by your addiction. Then, consult an addiction professional about what kind of treatment would be best for you; either in-patient hospitalization or out-patient treatment. If you have a long-standing addiction accompanied by depression or physical illness, you'll need in-patient detoxification and treatment. Insurance companies will cover these costs. Most in-patient treatment lasts from 14-28 days. You'll gain an enormous amount of insight about your addiction and how you can stay sober. Well-structured out-patient programs are equally as effective for those whose addiction hasn't yet caused serious physical or emotional problems. These programs will guide you through physical withdrawal and maintaining your sobriety. You should also seriously consider attending Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or Rational Recovery support groups. Statistics prove that professional treatment, enhanced by these support groups are much more effective than either one alone can achieve. Stop denying that you have a problem TODAY - all the help you need is there for you.



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