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Please explain the risks and dangers of mixing injectable steriods and cocaine.

Steroids and Cocaine

Both anabolic injectable steroids and cocaine are illegal substances. Possession of these substances is a felony in most states. Anabolic steroids have devastating effects on the body. They do increase muscle mass in most people, but the price you pay for more muscles isn't worth it. Anabolic steroids have the long-term effect of shrinking a man's testicles, causing infertility and a low sperm count, and the development of too much breast tissue. Even without steroids, cocaine is one of the most highly-addictive the drugs of abuse. It's long-term effects include intense paranoia, serious weight loss and insomnia, and terrible depression. Combining steroids and cocaine is simply an overdose waiting to happen! Anyone using steroids or cocaine should see a physician and drug abuse counselor.

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