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Addiction is a life-threatening illness that is both under-researched and often misunderstood. Addiction can rob ones soul leave only a shell of the human being as it was before addiction took over. But there is hope.

It is my intention in writing this book that those persons who are confused about addiction and/or how to seek help will gain knowledge and comfort. I also intend this book for the multitudes of healthcare professionals who are looking for a place to begin the process of understanding their clients. It is also my hope that after reading this book, those same people will seek out additional resources that have been suggested throughout the text. This is only one resource that will hopefully attract attention and encourage people to seek additional support and resources.

My work as a professional therapist with clients suffering from severe mental illness and substance abuse has not only inspired me to help others through their struggles, but has humbled and changed me most profoundly. It is my hope that I can provide the world with even a semblance of the bravery, strength, lessons, and beauty that they and the following people have brought into my life:

JL, LMK, NR, WB, GM, CS, ME, KB, DW, MN, my boys, the staff/faculty/friends of Inner-City Teaching Corps, Loyola University, Jewish Family and Community Services, Lakeshore Hospital and, of course the Landry Family, the Stepping Up family and my extended family network in Chicago.

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