Emotional Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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What are some of the emotional and social effects of alcoholism?

Emotional Effects of Alcohol Abuse

A well-known effect of alcohol consumption is the shedding of inhibitions. Drunk people often behave in ways that violate their own values and sense of safety, exposing themselves to risks and acting without awareness of their situation.

Alcohol also magnifies existing emotions. A depressed person who drinks becomes more depressed. An angry person who drinks becomes angrier, and may become violent. Alcoholics, like all addicts, rearrange their lives to protect their sources of supply, and do not hesitate to lie to loved ones or violate the law.

Drinking can put people in danger because they are too drunk to realize they are in an unsafe situation. Drinking can also imperil one's social relationships, expose the drinker to ridicule, and harm performance in work and school.



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