Meth Detox

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What happens in meth detox?

Meth Detox

Meth users say the drug makes them feel smarter, happier, more confident -- feelings they miss when the meth wears off in their systems. Recreational users who have quit the drug say they feel dull and stupid when it wears off. Yet over time, the drug actually destroys brain cells and induces depression. These effects become part of the addictive pattern -- "the vampire life," some call it -- as the user requires more and more of the drug to recapture the bright and shiny feelings.

Meth detox and initial residential treatment can take up to 30 days and should be conducted in a medically supervised environment, with treatment for underlying depression and other conditions. During meth addiction, users are likely to stop taking good care of themselves, so a meth detox program also includes proper nutrition, dental care, and treatment of any infections.

Treatment with antidepressants is common, and some people may require anticonvulsants to get through withdrawal.



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