I've stopped drinking/using. How can I prevent relapse?

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I've stopped drinking/using. How can I prevent relapse?

Learn to recognize your relapse "triggers." Stress, relationship problems, occupational problems, financial difficulties, physical illness - all these can trigger a relapse. Prepare IN ADVANCE how you will cope with these triggers without drinking/using. Don't wait until the problems are upon you; by then it's too late. Work with your addiction therapist to develop a real, workable relapse prevention plan of ways you can cope with life's many stressors, sober! Stay away from your old drinking buddies and bars. If you hang around a barber shop, sooner or later you're going to get a haircut! You may also need to be treated for depression; many addicts have a co-existing mental health disorder that can be a huge relapse trigger. Also consider taking Campral, a medication that reduces cravings and preoccupation with alcohol. If you feel you're about to relapse, call your AA, NA or RR sponsor and talk it through. Go to meetings and find help with fellow addicts. All these things work - if YOU work them.



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