Your Window of Recovery Opportunity

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Your Window of Recovery Opportunity

The chances of seeking help for alcoholism are optimal during your the moments of awareness. After a few hours of obsessing about the mistakes you made while drinking, your mind will quickly convince you to pick up a drink to satiate the shame. That is the last thing you really need at that moment. You will quickly forget the mental, legal and psychological trauma of your last "drunk" and resume negative repetitive behavior. So when you feel badly about your drinking, act fast.

It is suggested that the morning after your last episode, when you are overwhelmed with discomfort, that you call a local AA office and ask someone for help. This way, someone else's clearer thinking can get to you before your disease tells you to cover up the embarrassment with another self-destructive behavior. It is also suggested that you seek medical attention immediately if you have a history of frequent use. See detox section for the importance of this decision.



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