Alcohol Rehabilitation: Getting Started

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How do I begin to rehabilitate from alcoholism?

Alcohol Rehabilitation: Getting Started

Alcohol detox is only the preliminary phase of alcohol rehabilitation. Alcoholism is a disease that permeates more than just the life of the alcoholic; its effects manifest itself in the lives of family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances; and rehabilitation from alcoholism is a life-long journey.So just like one would gather information about his/her disease if it were diabetes or asthma, the same is required to determine effective treatment/rehabilitation choices for recovery from alcoholism. A good place to begin is with the American Academy of Family Physicians website.

The highlighted article, titled Alcohol Related Problems: Recognition and Intervention, by Burge and Schneider, gives helpful information about the effects of alcohol on the body and mind and offers helpful question/answer techniques to determine the severity of one's alcohol dilemma. The difficulty of recognizing early-stage alcohol (an ideal time to receive intervention) problems is explored. Start here to determine which kind of early intervention will be most effective for you. It is also recommended that you ask a very close relative or friend to go through this information with you. This person will care enough about you to be honest with you about how they perceive the severity of your drinking problem.



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