Suggestions For Medical Interactions

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How do I deal with the psychological aspects of the disease of alcoholism?

Suggestions For Medical Interactions

Sometimes it is recommended that those in early recovery from alcoholism seek psychological support. Many people drink to "self-medicate" from otherwise intolerable feelings, such as anxiety, depression, and even mania or hallucinations. These things may not go away once you get sober. In fact, they may become harsher.

While internists are an excellent resource for those of us struggling with strictly medical problems, and can be useful to you in retrieving your physical strength, it is recommended that you seek psychiatric support for any questions/concerns regarding your mental health. It is highly recommended that you do research on psychiatrists who specifically have experience in the area of alcoholism.

Alcoholism/Addiction are largely under-researched and misunderstood-even in the medical field. Thus, it is crucial that you examine your options prior to treatment so that you can receive the highest and most appropriate level of care. Expert opinions, such as from the renowned David Gastfriend, MD of Harvard Medical School, are a good place to start your research.



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