Oxycotin Addiction

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What are Some Signs of Oxycotin Addiction?

Oxycotin Addiction

Ever since the popular media stories about Rush Limbaugh's demise from oxycotin addiction, Americans have been more aware of this commonly prescribed pain killer. Oxycotin, as with all pain killers, is in the opioid family, and is often described as "prescription heroin." All opioids have a "downer" affect and, thus, pain killers not only alleviate the "pain," but also make the user quite relaxed and even laid back.

The problem with drugs like oxycotin is that once the "low euphoria" wears off, the pain and the stress related to both pain and other parts of life return. These normal feelings of anxiety, fear and stress become less tolerable to the user and he/she begins to seek a quick fix to comfort once again. It is not uncommon for men and women who develop oxycotin addiction to begin to seek out other drugs, such as alcohol, to enhance the feelings of content and/or relaxation they seek.

One sure sign of addiction to oxycotin, or any pain killer for that matter, is when the user begins to realize that he/she can no longer obtain the desired medication from his/her doctor and begins to seek out illegal drugs, or street pain killers. If he/she cannot obtain illegal pain killers, this may lead the now addicted user to seek out drugs like heroin to achieve a similar high.



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