Medical/Psychological Support for Recovery from Marijuana Addiction

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Should I seek professional assistance for recovery from marijuana addiction?

Medical/Psychological Support for Recovery from Marijuana Addiction

Many people suffer from biochemical stressors such as anxiety, depression or insecurity prior to indulgence of marijuana. This drug is often taken in higher and higher doses to self-medicate such symptoms. Unfortunately, while use may temporarily alleviate discomfort, prolonged use (and the eventual need to withdraw/detox) only exacerbate the problem.

If you suffer from persistent anxiety and/or depression, it is likely that these symptoms will worsen upon marijuana withdrawal and/or cessation. It is recommended that you avoid attempting to self-medicate in other ways (such as turning to alcohol, heroin, sex or overeating) to cope with your anxiety.

It is also suggested that you recognize your need for medical attention and that you seek help from both a psychiatrist and a therapist who are experienced in the area(s) of addiction. Psychiatrists differ from therapists in that they are trained to focus on the chemical components of the addiction and necessary treatment of pre-existing symptoms. The therapist will help you cope with the inevitable feelings and emotions you will experience as a result of use cessation.

In order to receive maximum benefits from these services, it is necessary that you be honest about your addiction and history of use and that you take recommended suggestions from your doctors. In order to find the best doctor/therapist to suit your recovery needs, you should consult with a trusted medical doctor, friend or other recovering addicts to obtain support in this decision.



1/10/2008 10:21:56 AM
Jace said:

Explain to me why you would need to detox from cannabis use? I don't get it. I've used cannabis for ovwer 40 years and have gone for weeks, months and years without using any and never had a withdrawal symptom, nor even a craving when I wasn't using. Cannabis is safer than alcohol and should be legalized for medical purposes and then eventually for recreational use once the stigma is removed from it's use.


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