Multiple Addictions: How to Cope

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How Do I Cope with Multiple Addictions?

Multiple Addictions: How to Cope

Addiction is a disease that manifests itself in numerous ways. Many people with the disease of addiction struggle with multiple addictive "crutches." For instance, most people who have an addiction to crack/cocaine also have an addiction to alcohol. Many times the "primary" addiction, as it is referred to, seems to be the only one causing the user trouble at the time. However, one very common occurrence is that crack/cocaine abusers will stop using and find themselves drinking excessively or using heroine as a downer. Additionally, the "process" addictions (which are more components of the compulsive nature of the disease), such as gambling, work and sex will also simultaneously manifest themselves within the user.

While it's impossible to rid yourself of every addictive tendency when you cease crack/cocaine use, it is HIGHLY recommended that you cease use of all illegal substances when you decide to recover from a crack/cocaine addiction. If you don't, there is a strong likelihood that you will find yourself starting your recovery process all over again a year or two later.



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