Finding Replacement Activities

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What are Some Suggestions for Filling My Time When I Get Sober?

Finding Replacement Activities

Finding replacement behaviors for the time the addict spent drinking/drugging may seem like a simple solution, but it can prove to be a very difficult change in which to engage.

The addict mind finds normalcy very boring. He/she has most likely lost interest in the simple pleasures of life, such as planting a garden or enjoying a home-cooked meal. Additionally, and often more saddening, is the fact the the person in early recovery has also lost any sense of identity. So what used to be a person that loved to paint or run or go to the theater, has become someone who is miserable any time he/she does not have a drink/drug in hand.

These feelings and experiences are both normal and to be expected in early recovery. It is suggested that those in this process be gentle with themselves and stay close to people with more recovery that will instill hope within them again. Additionally, it is highly recommended that no matter how scary or uncomfortable it is, that addicts in early recovery find one or two creative/enjoyable outlets to "practice" again. And while, at first, it will feel like you are an actor living another person's life, if you try such simple solutions, there will come a time when your life will feel abundant again.



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