Exclusive Drug Rehabilitation Programs

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What are Some of the Prominent/Luxury Drug Rehab Facilities?

Exclusive Drug Rehabilitation Programs

In a 2004 article, Forbes Magazine offered a comprehensive guide to the top luxury rehabilitation programs. These luxury facilities offer high-end spa services, food services and other exclusive amenities that only the wealthiest of recovering addicts can afford. Two of the most expensive and most luxurious of these facilities are Passages Rehab in Malibu and Sanctuary in Australia. These treatment facilities can cost upwards of $40,000 per month, and, again, while they may be pleasant, they don't guarantee sobriety.

If a person wants to stop using drugs and/or alcohol and to live a more fulfilling life, he/she can do it on the beaches of Malibu and/or in small town Mississippi. Even if you can afford the star treatment, however, you should really take stock of your willingness to seek help before you spend that much money. Willingness to both admit one has a problem and to follow more experienced persons suggestions are by far more important factors to recovery than the surroundings with which one is provided.



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