Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

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What is Dual Diagnosis and How Does it Affect Treatment for Substance Abuse?

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

Very common in substance abuse recovery are those clients who are "dually diagnosed." This term means that the person recovering is struggling with both substance addiction and a co-existing mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety.

It is important that recovering addicts with dual diagnosis seek treatment in a facility that offers well-trained practitioners in this area, as recovery from the addiction alone is not enough to create a satiating or even safe lifestyle for such clients.

If you are a recovering person and seeking several treatment options, but still suffer from major depressive symptoms, anxiety and/or other related mental disturbances, it is recommended that you seek attention from a medical professional, particularly a psychiatrist, for further examination. There is no reason that anyone should be taking all the necessary steps toward recovery and still feel bad all of the time.

If you are interested in learning more about dual diagnosis, treatment and some common mental disorders that co-exist with addictive disorders, visit the website for Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment for further information.



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