Group Therapy as a Part of Substance Abuse Recovery

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How Can Group Therapy Enhance my Substance Abuse Recovery?

Group Therapy as a Part of Substance Abuse Recovery

Group therapy is becoming more and more popular in the clinical world and there is good reason for this expansion. Group therapy, which is not to be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous, is a group that is comprised of peers who intend to work on relational issues. Sometimes groups include members all struggling with a similar problem, but the more traditional and/or psychodynamic groups involve the formation of relationships within the group context, the reenactment of often self-defeating behavioral patterns, and the resolution of these behaviors/thought processes in a safe, cohesive environment. There is always a clinically trained facilitator in this process.

Group therapy can be particularly well-suited for recovering addicts, especially when working with a clinician who understands the underlying workings of the addictive disease, as one of the major difficulties for addicts is the development and maintenance of healthy, supportive and mutual relationships. Group therapy can be a very helpful way to learn about oneself and to also increase the recovering addict's awareness of and relationship with self.



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