Who uses inhalants

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What is some information on inhalants?

Who uses inhalants

People who abuse inhalants are found in both urban and rural settings. Research on factors contributing to inhalant abuse suggests that adverse socioeconomic conditions, rather than racial or cultural factors per se, may account for most reported racial and ethnic differences in rates of inhalant abuse. Poverty, a history of childhood abuse, poor grades, and dropping out of school all are associated with inhalant abuse. Native American youths who live on reservations, where socioeconomic distress and school dropout rates are high, typically have higher rates of inhalant abuse than both the general population of young people and those Native American youths who do not live on reservations.



11/27/2006 2:19:56 PM
Baby Girl said:

You need a little more information

12/5/2006 7:04:40 AM
bob said:

i used inhalants and i think there wonderful you should try em!!!!! 1

4/26/2007 3:46:59 PM
kt said:

ha ha... seriously don't do em.... :D :D :D :D :D

4/21/2009 1:54:35 PM
Susie Q said:

I agree with baby girl inhalants can kill you the first time you use or any other time. You are putting your life at risk. My brother does drugs and they reuined our family.


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